You've spent a year or more planning the wedding down to the last detail. The dinner is going to be great, the flowers will be perfect, and the reception amazing. After the day ends and the last guest leaves, you and your partner will get to experience what many married couples consider the absolute zenith of the entire wedding experience - the honeymoon. Whether you're looking for a relaxing escape from the real world or an exhilarating dive into an exotic destination, consider these seven top, romantic honeymoon destinations for 2019:


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Tropical group of islands in Ang Thong National Marine Park in Thailand

Why it's Special
Most visitors agree that the local Thai people are among the most gracious hosts you'll meet when traveling the world. And the natural beauty, historic sites and ruins, incredible, white sand beaches, and relaxing pace of life make Thailand a top choice for honeymooners who want a balance between tranquility and adventure.

Where to Go/What to Do
Go island hopping off the coast of Thailand and find beautiful white sand beaches, stunning bays and prime regions for snorkeling. Serene waters make kayaking a great option as well. A little research ahead of time is recommended to find the best islands for your personal journey - after all, there are literally hundreds to choose from!


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View of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Why it's Special
This beautiful country has it all. From the lush, green rainforests of the interior to the pristine beaches along the coast, Costa Rica is a land of diverse majesty. It is uncrowded - yet popular with tourists from both the United States and abroad. And, you can tailor a Costa Rican honeymoon to match your every desire. Looking for adventure? Glide across the rainforest canopy on a zip line. Want to relax? Grab a cold drink and cozy up at a beachfront lounge. Costa Rica has it all.

Where to Go/What to Do
Soak in the natural hot waters of Arenal National Park and feel the benefits of natural, thermal rejuvenation with your loved one.

After a day in the natural spa or Arenal, go for an evening Catamaran sailing tour under the stars to take in the awe of the beautiful Costa Rican night sky.


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The cliffs of Moher along the coast in Ireland

Why it's Special
While the Emerald Isle may not immediately come to mind when planning a honeymoon destination, it is incredibly historic, full of things to do, and quite romantic! Cobblestone streets, breathtaking natural wonders, and lively nightlife all make Ireland one of the most extraordinary destinations for a European honeymoon.

Where to Go/What to Do
Stand on the edge of the world at the Cliffs of Moher, 394 feet above the ocean and take in the sheer wonder with your loved one.

At night, majestic Bunratty Castle hosts a medieval banquet where guests are treated like royalty and entertained by live traditional music. An evening here is the perfect retreat for those with a fascination of the chivalrous era of knights and princesses.


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Red rocks of caldera at the stunning Ammoudi harbor in Santorini

Why it's Special
The Grecian Islands are all wonderful; yet, there is something truly amazing about the way Santorini shimmers like a bejeweled crown in the middle of the deep blue sea. The vision of white homes scattered on top of the seaside cliffs paired with the cobblestone pathways create a scenery that's quite idyllic. Residents of Santorini are incredibly prideful about their wonderful island and take great care of their town, which is obvious for those who visit.

Where to Go/What to Do
Set the perfect tone for your budding romance with a stroll on the mesmerizing Red Beach. You can rent an ATV and park close by, then take a stroll to witness the incredible red sand and cliffs of this stunning location.

Sunsets at Oia are simply breathtaking. The beautiful houses set against the cliffs offer an idyllic background to the fleeting, scarlet sundown.

You've spent a lot of time planning your wedding - so dedicate just as much time to formulating the ultimate vacation itinerary. You'll create the kind of memories will have you planning a second, third, or even fourth honeymoon. There's no better time to get out and see the world with the one you love.

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